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Silver-MSM Travel Kit

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Products for all round silver care. Covers the basic applications you may need while travelling and is particularly valuable when travelling with children. 

Colloidal Silver SPRAY 50 ml and DROPPER 50ml [ 10 ppm ] Silver-MSM Cream 30 ml, Silver-MSM Lotion 100 ml. 

argentum plus Premium True Quality since 1998.

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argentum plus Travel Kit

[ Silver-MSM Lotion 100 ml, Colloidal Silver 10 ppm SPRAY 50 ml, Colloidal Silver 10 ppm DROPPER 50ml, Silver-MSM Cream 30 ml  ]

This kit covers the basic applications you may need.

Silver-MSM Cream is quite rich and has a barrier function, so is best used for dry or damaged skin that needs protection like cuts and grazes or conditions caused by dry irritation and inflammation like hives, sores and stings (always use the colloidal silver spray on these first: Spray until you get a slight run-off and let air dry. Then follow up with Silver-MSM Cream).

Silver-MSM Lotion on the other hand is less oily, designed for optimum hydration and is non-occlusive (has no barrier function – leaves the skin 'breathing' freely) so is excellent for use with eczema and dermatitis, prickly heat, all other kinds of rashes, fungal problems, burns and sun burn.

Both the Silver-MSM Cream and the Silver-MSM Lotion are produced from the purest ingredients we can find, making them suitable for even the most delicate of skin.

All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, except the cream which contains beeswax. No animal testing

Silver-MSM Cream Ingredients:

Steam-Distilled Water, Cetearyl Glucoside (from sugar beet), Proprietary Blend of Cold-Pressed Oils (Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Thistle), Cocoa Butter, MSM (not less than 10 % of total weight), Beeswax, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Silver.


Silver-MSM Lotion Ingredients:

Purified Water, 100% pure organic sulphur ( methyl sulphonyl methane, MSM), Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Thistle Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Silver

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By on  07 Oct 2013 (Silver-MSM Travel Kit) :

A choice of strength would be a good development

Good product, both cream and lotion well absorbed, could benefit from being available in different strength, currently its only 10ppm