Silver-MSM 25 liquid Dropper 50 ml argentum plus


Broad spectrum antimicrobial ionized silver particles are combined with the highest possible concentration of MSM; increasing many times the synergies of each substance for a hi-strength sustained silver effect. 

50 ml yellow liquid in amber glass bottle with glass pipette dropper insert. 

Also available in Silver-MSM 10 (liquid). 
argentum plus Premium True Quality since 1998. 

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argentum plus Silver-MSM 25 (liquid)

is an electro-colloidal preparation of a silver and sulphur based natural antiseptic.

Antimicrobial ionized silver particles are combined with MSM, an organic form of sulphur, increasing many times the beneficial effects that each substance has on its own for a sustained silver effect.


Silver-MSM 25 (liquid) Dropper

  • electro-colloidal preparation of a silver and sulphur based natural antiseptic
  • broad-spectrum antimicrobial ionized silver particles of 99.999% purity in steam-distilled water
  • made with MSM (an organic form of sulphur) which has detoxifying and cell supporting properties
  • combining silver and MSM increases many times the beneficial effects each substance has on its own
  • additive free/ high stability/ clear colour, packaged in amber glass with 1 ml dropper pipette.

Colloidal Silver-MSM 25 (liquid) contains silver, which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and is a natural anti-septic and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) which is an organic form of sulphur that has cell supporting and anti-inflammatory properties and is utilized by the body to build healthy cell structures.

A relatively high silver concentration of 25 parts per million (ppm) creates a very powerful silver effect: Silver is known to kill over 99% of all known pathogenic germs on contact.

Combining silver and MSM into a single high strength compound increases many times the beneficial effects each substance has on its own: Together in colloidal suspension the activity of the silver particles is significantly prolonged and sustained efficacy results. This ensures that argentum plus - Colloidal Silver-MSM 25 (liquid) has the extra strength required for persistent conditions.

Available in 50 ml spray and dropper / 200 ml / 500 ml sizes. 200 ml and 500 ml sizes can be used to refill the 50 ml sizes.

Silver-MSM 25 Liquid is produced in a unique process utilizing controlled crystalline coagulation in electro-colloidal suspension.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not tested on animals. Does not need to be shaken before use and requires no refrigeration after opening.

High Stability. Shelf-Life Guarantee: 3 years
Visual Inspection: Yellow colour, packaged in amber glass with tamper evident closure


100 % pure Steam-Distilled Water, Food-Grade MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane; (100% pure), Finest-Grade Silver (99.999% pure). Silver content is 100 mcg (microgram) per 5 ml. MSM content is 5000 mcg per 5 ml.

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By on  07 Jul 2015 (Silver-MSM 25 liquid Dropper 50 ml argentum plus) :

Five stars

This is very good quality MSM I highly recommend it

By on  29 Apr 2015 (Silver-MSM 25 liquid Dropper 50 ml argentum plus) :

Really good eye infection preventative

I used to suffer from bouts of conjunctivitis, most probably brought on by too much computer use, but found this product and have been putting a drop into each eye and have not suffered any eye infections since (over a year now). I have also not suffered any side effects, so would recommend this to anyone who has a predisposition to eye infections.

By on  30 Oct 2014 (Silver-MSM 25 liquid Dropper 50 ml argentum plus) :


its really good. makes my eyes feel refreshed. i will be buying this again