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By Essra B. (Parkville, Australia) on 20 Dec 2016 :
Product rated : Silver-MSM Serum for Acne Prone Skin Triple Strength 50 ml

Best acne treatment ever!!!

Ever since I have used this treatment, I have not had a breakout! I would highly recommend this and I will never be without it. Thank you for offering this. A true face saver:)

By Gillian O. (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 26 Feb 2016 :
Product rated : Silver-MSM Lemon Myrtle Hair Combi Kit


If you have dry stressed coloured hair and an itchy sore scalp; then this is for you. Gentle enough to use every day (it smells so good you will want too!!) , you only a small amount, so it is very ecconomical. Combined these products leave your scalp and hair in beautiful condition, without causing a product build up, and give your scalp a cooling and calming sensation. If you have any concerns or questions customer services are extremely helpful in finding the right product to suit your needs, they replied quickly and gave honest and caring advice, so if you aren't sure which is the right product for you they can and will help. Don't let the slightly clinical looking packaging put you off, these products are amazing, and worth every penny.

By Gillian O. (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 21 Feb 2016 :
Product rated : Silver-MSM Lemon Myrtle Shampoo


I have, over the years, wasted an absolute fortune trying to find a gentle yet effective shampoo for my fragile, coloured hair, and very stressed scalp. This is a truly wonderful product. Only a tiny amount is needed, it instantly soothes my scalp (it gives a gentle tingling feeling which instantly relieves the itching and soreness) leaves my hair soft and shiny and the beautiful smell lingers even after rinsing. I cannot recommend this product enough. Used with the conditioner I have at last very happy hair and a healthy scalp.

By Julia A. on 27 Jan 2016 :
Product rated : Silver-MSM Cream

using for molluscum

I bought this to clear up my granddaughter's Molluscum, which is a nasty skin infection brought on by Eczema. It is working very well at the moment and has reduced her spots plus there are no new outbreaks.

By B S. on 27 Jan 2016 :
Product rated : Silver-MSM Acne Complete Care Kit

Some days are better than others and she has tried everything…

My daughter has suffered with acne for years, some days are better than others and she has tried everything inc prescription tablets from the hospital. Then I read in a magazine about silver serum, so I gave it a try and the results have been amazing, even when she is stressed her skin looks lovely. It has taken approx 1 month before we noticed an improvement but now 2 months later the spots have stayed away