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Created as a unique alternative to fragrance laden conventional products, our Sun Care and Deodorant are non-fragranced and chemical free.

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    Nourishing, cooling and soothing compounds help the skin to recover from the full spectrum of sun exposure. Provides excellent relief from irritation and inflammation, helps the skin to renew itself quicker and maintains a healthy tan. Silver-MSM SOS Lotion 100 ml.  argentum plus Premium True Quality since 1998. 

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    Non-greasy, non-fragranced formula made with all natural mineral and plant based ingredients - no petrochemicals – no nano particles. Good, all natural sun protection for the sensible user with a sun protection factor of 20 (SPF 20). Easy and clean spray-on application. Silver-MSM SUN Lotion 100 ml. [ SPF 20, Spray-On ]  argentum plus Premium True...

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    Non-fragranced and chemical-free. Provides effective odour control, but does not suppress perspiration. Its unique delivery system allows the user to create a fragrance of their own design: Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the bottle and shake well. Silver-MSM Deodorant 100 ml.  argentum plus Premium True Quality since 1998.

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    Products for all round silver care. Covers the basic applications you may need while travelling and is particularly valuable when travelling with children. Colloidal Silver SPRAY 50 ml and DROPPER 50ml [ 10 ppm ] Silver-MSM Cream 30 ml, Silver-MSM Lotion 100 ml.  argentum plus Premium True Quality since 1998.

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